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Are you facing difficulty in setting up your HP Officejet 8710? Don’t worry, here is how you can set up your new HP OJ8710 with 123 hp com oj8710. Follow the below instructions carefully.

HP Officejet printers are stylishly compact to fit on a desktop. They are best suited for everyday home uses, smaller businesses, or offices as many models feature wireless connectivity and fax capability.

The 123 HP Officejet 8710 Printer is a multi-function printer that always satisfies your buying decision. Its 2.65-inch CGD screen control panel on the printer’s front is a great assistant for printing, scanning, and faxing options.

Also, adjusting the brightness, contrast, and rotation of a document can be managed from the display panel itself. It’s a superb cost printer supporting various media inputs, like photo paper, glossy photo paper, etc.

So, without spending any more, let’s dive into the article and learn about HP Officejet 6958 software, drivers. Most importantly, how to set up an HP Officejet 8710 printer?

Follow the below instructions to perfect set up your new printer with www.123.hp.com/oj8710.

HP Officejet 8710 Printer Unboxing And Hardware Setup

When you open the printer box, you will find installation guides, ink cartridges, and an HP printer installation CD for Windows and Mac. Make sure you keep the disc in a safe place. But if you misplace it, don’t bother, you will still be able to download the required files from 123.hp.com.

Place the printer box on a table and gently slide out the printer horizontally. Peel off all the blue sticky and shiny protective tapes from the printer before powering on.

Powering On And Hardware Setup Of HP Officejet 8710 Printer

Step 1: HP recommends using the power cord sent along with the printer. Remove the twist tie from it and stretch it easily. 

NOTE: Go to hp.com/recycle to get more information on recycling the tapes and plastics.

insert the cords plug to the HP Officejet Printer

Step 2: Move to the printer’s back and insert the cord’s plug to the printer and others at the power supply socket. Carefully insert the plug at the rear of the printer with the help of a guiding grove on the plug.

Step 3: Once the cord’s ends are correctly plugged, turn on the printer by pressing the power button on the printer’s left front. The printer will start initializing and make some noise, and the front touchscreen display panel will lit up.

turn on HP OJ Printer

On the display touchscreen panel, you need to select Language, Country, Date, and time as per your interest and region. 

Step 4: It is now time to install ink cartridges. Open the ink cartridge access door, you will hear a motor sound as the carriage will come to the center. Now remove that white plastic item from the carriage. 

install ink cartridges in hp officejet

Step 5: In the printer package, you will get 4 different cartridges, i.e., black, yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. Remove the plastic wrappings from all the cartridges using the orange pull tab to peel the wrappings easily.

Note: After unwrapping the cartridges, snap off the orange plastic cap from the cartridges by turning it counterclockwise. 

Step 6: Hold the cartridges with HP stickers facing you upright and place the cartridges accordingly with a slight push until you hear a snapping sound.

Note: Place the cartridges as per the color codes. i.e., from left to right, the cartridge should be Magenta, then Cyan, then Yellow, and at the right-most Black cartridge.

Step 7: ‘Tap OK’ on the display panel once you close the cartridge access door after loading all the cartridges. The printer will now check the cartridges and prompt you to load a paper. 

Step 8: Slide out the paper tray and uplift the output tray to load a stack of papers. And adjust the paper width guide as per your convenience. After loading the papers, slide them back in the paper tray and lower the output tray.

Step 9: The printer will now ask for confirmation regarding loaded paper again, tap ‘CONFIRM’ and move ahead to print an ‘alignment paper’ by tapping ‘OK.’

printing with HP Officejet printer

Note: An alignment print is necessary as it will guide the printer to print to its best.

Step 10: Lift the scanner lid and place the printed alignment page using markers as a guide with printed face down on the scanner glass. Close the scanner lid and tap ‘SCAN’ on the display panel to scan the alignment page.

Note: This is a crucial step while setting up the printer. 

Your printer is now successfully installed. But it is not yet ready to be connected with any device. For connecting the printer to other devices, you need to install the printer devices in your required device(s) and you also need to install hp officejet 8710 drivers.

Downloading HP OJ8710 Drivers And software For Windows And Mac From www.123.hp.com/setup

HP takes utmost care of their customers, so they also send you a disc along the printer to install drivers. Similarly, in HP Officejet 8710, you will find the CD of drivers and all the necessary software in the package. 

If you are missing the CD, follow the below steps to download and install drivers.

Here is how you can download the drivers for HP Officejet 8710 Printer, 

Step 1: Select an internet browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) and ensure your device is connected on an active internet connection.

Step 2: Type and search for 123.hp.com/setup and click the search button, and you will be able to surf HP’s official website for printers and will find a ‘Download’ button.

Downloading HP officejet Drivers From www.123.hp.com setup

Step 3: After hitting the ‘Download’ button, run or open the downloaded file. The files will start to extract. After extracting files, a dialogue box will ask for confirmation ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?’ hit ‘Yes’ or ‘Run’ button.

Step 4: The HP Easy Start Utility files will extract and launch. Follow the on-screen instructions and ‘Finish’ the installation.

How To Connect HP Officejet 8710 Printer With Windows And Mac?

An HP printer requires an ‘HP Smart’ application or software for wireless printing. To download the app for Windows, open the Microsoft Store, search and freely download ‘HP Smart’ software

While for Mac, visit the Mac App Store, and there you can find and download ‘HP Smart for Desktop’ for free.

HP Smart for HP Officejet printer

After installing the ‘HP Smart’ application on your Windows or Mac device, it’s time to pair the connection between the device and the printer. 

Follow the below mentioned instructions carefully to set up your HP Officejet 8710 printer properly on either Windows or Mac device.

Step 1: After downloading, run the downloaded HP Smart app. And, click on the ‘Continue’ button displayed on the bottom center of the application window. Further, on the next screen, you will need to select’ Setup New Printer.’ 

Connecting HP Officejet Printer With Windows or Mac

Step 2: HP Smart application will automatically start to search for the nearby printer. It will show your wireless HP Officejet 8710 printer under ‘Available printers’ within seconds. 

Select your displayed printer and follow the easy instructions to pair your device with the printer successfully.

HP smart application is designed in a very user-friendly manner. From establishing a connection between the printer and the device to managing all printing, fax, and scanning jobs, it handles them all with a couple of clicks.

So, by this step, you will be able to successfully establish a proper working connection between the printer and your Windows or Mac using 123 HP Com OJ8710. 

How To Connect HP Officejet 8710 Printer With Android And iPhone?

In this fast-working life, every individual might not have time to sit and log in to a desktop PC or laptop to take a printout. Cheerfully HP has come up with an app for them as a solution.

For connecting your Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone with your printer, you will again need to download the ‘HP Smart’ application. For android smartphones, download the app from Play Store and App Store for Apple iPhone.

This app is as simple as pie. With this app, it is easy to connect the printer with a smartphone. Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up your HP Officejet 8710 Printer for smartphones.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple iPhone and search for HP Smart application. 

Step 2: Click on Install after you find the ‘HP Smart’ application. 

Step 3: Open the HP Smart application once the downloading and installation is complete. 

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions and ‘Finish’ the pairing process to connect and setup HP Officejet 8710 Printer with Android and iPhone.

Final Words

HP Officejet 8710 Printer is an advanced and stylishly compact color printer with lots of loaded features. But make sure you follow and implement every step from hardware installation to paring with the device rightly for the best experience.

With 123 hp com oj8710, install all necessary drivers before starting your printing work. If you carefully follow the above instruction, then there is no need to open you HP OfficeJet 8710 manual.

Still, if you face any difficulty, please share with us in the comment section below. Our expert team will readily help you set up your printer. For more informative articles, please stay connected with us. If you found this article helpful, show us what you like by sharing it on various social platforms.

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